Protecting Your Child’s Inheritance from His or Her Untrustworthy Spouse

For your heirs to receive their proper financial inheritance, parents develop an estate plan to do so. Many believe that it is so crucial to have the inheritance stay within the family because these are hard-earned assets, family businesses and family heirlooms. So, for some assurance to protect the kids’ inheritance from an event of untrustworthiness or divorce, there are several ways to make a plan to make sure the Read More

Common Estate Debts

Settling the estate of a family member is often time-consuming and complicated. The average person only deals with the legal side of a death once or twice in his or her life and each estate is different, making it difficult to prepare for estate management. One of the most stressful parts of handling an estate is dealing with outstanding debts. After a person has passed away and the creditors and credit bureaus are Read More

Advice for Creating a Special Needs Trust

Over the past 30 years, the number of people in the United States who suffer from a mental or physical disability has grown steadily. Approximately 18% of adults experience some form of mental illness each year, and adults who have a serious mental illness are at greater risk of developing a chronic physical illness. Though many adults with diagnosed mental illnesses lead fulfilling lives, it is important to remember Read More

Signs of Estate Mismanagement

After an individual passes away, the instructions included in his or her will are carried out by an appointed executor. In situations in which there is no valid will, the court appoints a person to manage the estate. Typically, the person chosen is a family member who is only concerned with seeing that the final wishes of the deceased are carried out as requested. However, there are times when the estate’s Read More

Importance of Probate Transparency

The time immediately following the death of a loved one is often stressful and confusing. While coping with fresh grief, a family must follow the burial wishes of their loved ones before dealing with the estate. Once the will is found and an executor is named, the process of probate begins, leading to many potential problems. People do not deal with probate often and it is not unusual for family members to become Read More

What are the New Medi-Cal Recovery Laws?

If you are currently receiving Medi-Cal or are thinking or applying for Medi-Cal, you are probably wondering what is all the talk about the new Medi-Cal Recovery Laws. Generally, the new Medi-Cal Recovery laws apply to those who die on or after January 1, 2017. When a Medi-Cal recipient, dies the state can seek repayment for the cost of certain services received. The law prior to January 1, 2017 has allowed claims Read More

The Heggstad Petition Explained

Creating a trust is a way to protect assets (property, stocks, etc.) for your beneficiaries so that they can inherit as you intend. However, there are times when a trust’s creator may make a crucial error that negatively affects his or her heirs. One error commonly associated with the creation of trusts is the failure to transfer certain assets into the trust. When this happens a beneficiary must go through the Read More

Life Events Which Require An Immediate Estate Plan Revision

If you become incapacitated or pass away, the way to manage and care for your estate will be through Estate Planning. It will help minimize taxes and costs, reduce taxes on gift, preserve the estate, generational planning, and probate court costs. If you are incapacitated, your estate planning should include medical and financial decisions from an agent you have chosen to carry out your wishes. You will also need to Read More

How to Properly Draft a Trust When You Have a Special Needs Child

It is not easy for any of us to think about or discuss the end of our lives. It is so much easier to ignore the fact that we will all, sooner or later, reach the end, but if you have children, planning for the end of your life is crucial. If your child is special needs, that planning is even more important because there are intricate steps that you need to take to protect your child after you are gone. Even if your Read More

How Your Living Trust Can Help a Loved One Who Struggles with Addiction

Substance addiction is a serious matter and one in seven Americans are being impacted by it. It could be drug abuse, alcoholism or gambling, and we want those whom we care about to be making good decisions and have a successful recovery. Creating a smart estate planning can help with this kind of situation. There are some doubts about this because money from a trust can possibly make things worse by funding the Read More