4 Reasons to Have a Revocable Living Trust

When you begin planning your estate, you may wonder which documents and planning tools will best provide for your family and allow you to maintain control of your own assets. While many people start by considering a Will, the benefits of a revocable living trust could make it the ideal estate planning tool for you. 1. Your Family Can Avoid Probate Perhaps the most significant benefit of a living trust is how it Read More

Medi-Cal Eligibility: What You Need to Know

Medi-Cal is California’s implementation of the Medicaid program. This program is set up to help those in need get the medical care they need without breaking their budget. While this program is commonly focused specifically on the poor, that is not always the case. Understanding the eligibility requirements for Medi-Cal will help ensure you can get the benefits you are entitled to. Eligibility Based on Income Anyone Read More

Estate Planning 101: Understanding the Various Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a common legal document used in estate planning. There are several different types of Powers of Attorney that can be used, and choosing the right one is essential for achieving your goals. This blog post identifies the various different types of Powers of Attorney documents and when they should be used. Non-Durable Power of Attorney A non-durable Power of Attorney is set up to remain in Read More

Do Disability Benefits Continue After Death?

Once a loved one dies, a family is not only consumed with grief, they must also deal with many practical financial matters, especially if one spouse is still alive. If one spouse passes away leaving a surviving spouse, there are numerous financial changes that could have major repercussions for the entire family. Perhaps most important are the continuation or ending of certain types of benefits. Being aware of Read More

Where Wills May be Kept

On August 16, 2018 Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, passed away in Detroit, Michigan at the age of 76. The legendary singer left behind four children and surprisingly, absolutely no will.  Aretha Franklin became one of the 64% of Americans who pass away without a will each year. Though it is possible that a will may be found, those closest to the singer believe she never wrote one. However, it is important to Read More

Advice for Challenging an Executor

When your loved one and his or her trust and estate lawyer create a will, an individual is named to administer the estate. This person, commonly referred to as an executor, will make sure that the estate’s debts are paid and that bequests are distributed as outlined in the estate plan. While in most cases, the person chosen for this important task is more than capable of handling the duties, occasionally an executor Read More

Tips for Protecting Loved Ones from Financial Abuse

As the population of senior citizens in the United States continues to grow, so does the number of fraud complaints. The United States Justice Department has taken a hard stance against those who specifically target the elderly for fraud, but unfortunately hundreds of arrests and charges have not completely eradicated the problem. Not only does the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) continue to report a rise in financial Read More

Three Expensive Estate Planning Mistakes

After spending a lifetime building wealth to leave to their heirs, many people fail to take the time to create a basic estate plan that ensures their assets are distributed in a manner in which they would approve. While those who do remember to create an estate plan ensure that their beneficiaries have an idea of how to handle their final wishes, some make major mistakes can lead to serious problems. When an estate Read More

Documents to Include in an Estate Plan

When the time comes to make an estate plan, most people fixate on writing their wills. While having a will is important since it ensures property is transferred in a manner that you approve, it is not the only thing that you need to worry about. To protect your family and your legacy it is important that you know what documents to include in an estate plan. Failing to include certain documents can create problems for Read More

Tips for Finding Lost Assets

Each year people pass away and leave behind assets that their heirs never receive. The reason heirs never receive the assets is not because they are barred from doing so; it is because they rarely know that the assets exist. With few adults in the United States leaving behind wills and many forgetting to include a complete list of assets in their accounts, it is surprisingly easy for property to remain unclaimed for Read More