Dangerous Estate Planning Oversights

When Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis passed away in May of 1994, she left behind a clear will that distributed personal items to those closest to her and funneled the rest of her assets into a revocable trust. Though her Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (CLAT) was ultimately not funded at the request of her children, her estate plan is viewed by many as an example of proper estate planning. Unfortunately, the majority of Read More

When Probate Administration Helps More Than it Hurts

The primary reason most people invest in estate planning is to avoid probate. The process of probate is often time consuming, tedious, and involves court officials administering an estate. While usually, taking steps to prevent probate court from becoming involved in estate management is advisable, there are times when probate is not a bad thing. Knowing when probate administration helps more than it hurts can ease Read More

What to do if a Loved One Passes Away While Out of the Country

Each summer people throughout the United States prepare to spend time traveling, with most preferring to vacation during the month of July. As airlines work to find ways to entice more people to fly, the cost of international vacations has steadily declined over the past few years.  While most vacationers dream of relaxing and seeing unique sights, some encounter unforeseen emergencies. When that emergency becomes a Read More

Tips for Updating an Estate Plan Before the Birth of a New Child

Actress Brigitte Nielsen recently made headlines after announcing that she and her current husband are expecting a child. Best known for her roles in Red Sonya, Beverly Hills Cop, and Rocky IV, this 54-year-old actress has four other children. Though some were surprised by the announcement, the average age of mothers throughout the world has steadily increased as the overall standard of maternal healthcare continues Read More

Why You Need to Look for Missing Heirs

In January 2012, real estate developer and Holocaust survivor Roman Blum passed away. Mr. Blum had no wife or children when he died, leaving behind a multi-million-dollar estate. Four years later, a Polish man believing himself to be Blum’s nephew came forward attempting to claim the late millionaires fortune. The lack of an estate plan and absence of heirs has led to other parties coming forward attempting to claim Read More

Three Vital Estate Planning Steps

Contrary to popular belief you do not need to be wealthy or own a vast estate to benefit from estate planning. Any person who has property that they wish to leave to loved ones should spend time crafting a valid estate plan that ensures their assets are given to those closest to them.  Unfortunately, estate planning is not always easy, especially if you have limited experience with long-term financial planning or are Read More

Ways to Avoid Common Trust Administration Problems

Establishing a trust is one way to preserve assets, protect your loved ones, and ensure that your legacy is passed on as intended. Unfortunately, setting up a trust is not always easy for those who have no experience with the process. More importantly, maintaining the trust can quickly become a challenge unless the proper person is appointed. If you are considering creating a trust for a loved one, you must find ways Read More

How Special Needs Trusts Help Your Kids

Parents and grandparents of special needs children often worry about how their loved ones will be supported financially after their support system passes away. Government benefits offer a way for special needs adults to maintain financial independence while receiving the medical care they need. Unfortunately, those benefits are jeopardized when a person receives an inheritance. Medicaid, Medi-Cali, and other social Read More

How Trust Fund Restrictions Protect Your Heirs

On June 25, 2009 actress and icon Farrah Fawcett passed away in Santa Monica, California leaving behind one child. Her only child, Redmond O’Neal, inherited $4.5 million, with the remainder of the estate going to Fawcett’s nephew, father, and a former lover. Rather than giving O’Neal his inheritance in one lump sum, Fawcett arranged for the funds to managed through the use of a revocable living trust with producer Read More

Tips for Choosing an Elder Law Attorney

As the population of the world begins to age, unique legal problems have started to occur on a large scale. Elderly and disabled individuals are often targeted for various forms of fraud or are victims of different types of caregiver abuse. Elder law has become more important than ever, as the more vulnerable members of our society find themselves in need of age-specific protections along with assistance planning for Read More