Is My Will Valid?

On January 28, 1547 King Henry VIII of England died leaving behind three children from three different wives, a religious reformation, and a will that the infamous monarch did not sign.  Initially it was said that the will was lost, but eventually the document was discovered, and it contained only a dry stamp instead of an actual signature. The lack of a signature led to the validity of the will being challenged, Read More

Tips for Updating Your Estate Plan

Creating an estate plan is an important part of protecting your family and securing the assets you intend to leave your heirs. It is also something that must be completed if you have any specific final wishes that you want carried out. However, creating an estate plan is not something that can be done once and forgotten about. Any estate plan that is made should be updated on a regular basis to ensure no major life Read More

Common Life Insurance Problems Families Face

Life insurance is designed to provide families with a financial safety net in the event that their loved one dies. While only a small number of adults in the United States have an estate plan in place, the majority of adults do in fact have a life insurance policy through an employer, bank, or have established a policy on their own. Unfortunately, life insurance does not always provide the financial security that one Read More

What Happens if I Die Without Naming a Guardian for My Children?

For the average person, passing away before reaching an advanced age is unthinkable. A CBS News poll found that most adults try not to think about their death at all. This trend leads to numerous problem when those with minor children pass away before creating an estate plan that provides instructions regarding who they want to care for the children they leave behind. While adults obsess over royal births and Read More

Two of The Longest Lasting Inheritance Disputes

2017 became a landmark year in the world of inheritance disputes when Pilar Abel won her 10-year fight to exhume the body of artist Salvador Dali in an effort to prove she was his daughter through DNA testing. The case became yet another example of the lengths people are willing to go in order to receive a piece of an inheritance. As the United Kingdom reports, record numbers of inheritance disputes are being brought Read More

How can Someone Contest My Will?

When oil tycoon H.L. Hunt, the one-time richest man in the United States, passed away in 1974, his final wishes appeared to be in perfect order. The multi-billionaire left behind multiple trusts to provide for his children and grandchildren, seemingly ensuring that his fortune would pass without issue to his heirs. However, H.L.’s oldest great-grandchild contested the will in 2008, suing his father, sisters, and Read More

Why You Should Never Hide Your Will

In the fall of 2017, the patriarch of a Las Angeles family passed away leaving behind two daughters and several grandchildren. Though it was known that the man had an attorney and an accountant, none of his family knew the names of these professionals since the deceased preferred to keep his business dealings private. This secretiveness created a disaster for his heirs since with no will and multiple relatives unable Read More

What can Happen if I Disinherit My Child?

In March of 2017 the first season of FX’s anthology television series Feud introduced the legendary Hollywood rivalry between two legendary actresses, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, to a new generation. Focusing on the infamous fighting that went on behind the scenes of the movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, the story shed light on some of the animosity between the actresses but omitted many aspects of their Read More

How to Avoid a Conservatorship Nightmare

As the nation’s generation of baby boomers begins to grow old and suffer from debilitating disease, many families face a unique problem. Over one sixth of all working adults in the United States report that they assist with the care of a disabled or elderly adult family member. This shift in family dynamics has led to unique concerns such as how will an incapacitated family member be provided for after his or her Read More

Tips for Appointing a Guardian

Over half of the adults in the United States do not have valid estate plans in place, creating multiple problems for those they leave behind. If a person is leaving behind children, then the situation could quickly deteriorate. Recently, the Department of Human Resources in Maryland came under fire for a series of choices that ultimately led to foster children paying for their own care. Many of the children Read More