Why Your Estate May Get Stuck in Probate

The probate process in California is meant to be straightforward to provide beneficiaries with the relief they need while making the overall process less stressful. With careful planning and proper execution, your heirs should be able to receive their inheritance with limited fanfare.  Unfortunately, there are exceptions to every rule, meaning that there is a chance that your estate may get stuck in probate. Read More

Tips for Avoiding a Probate Nightmare

Probate is the process of identifying, inventorying, and finally distributing assets to a person’s heirs. During probate taxes are paid, debts are settled, and the estate plan the person left behind is used as a guide. Unfortunately, in many cases people do not leave behind adequate instructions, forcing their heirs and the court to work together in order to settle the estate. While probate is stressful, it is Read More

Sibling Rivalry and Probate

Losing a parent is one of the most painful things that an adult can experience. Having siblings who can offer comfort and support is one of the ways that adult children can begin to cope with grief. Unfortunately, there are times when a sibling is the cause of pain after the loss of a parent rather than a source of support. Studies have shown that approximately 70% of conflicts between adult siblings are related to Read More

Can Divorce Proceedings Affect Probate?

On March 22, 2018 the founder of Toys ‘R’ Us, Charles Lazarus, passed away immediately following the news that the cash strapped chain would be closing its doors. The news of Lazarus’s death reignited rumors of the debated divorce declaration his second wife made prior to succumbing to cancer. The claim drew attention to how difficult one spouse passing away can be once divorce becomes a topic of discussion. The Read More

How Does Having a Minor Child as Heir Affect Probate?

When model, actress, and spokeswoman Anna Nicole Smith passed away in 2007 at the age of 39, she left behind an infant daughter named Dannielynn. The infant became the center of a prolonged paternity case with multiple parties speculating that the infant could potentially benefit from the prolonged probate case involving Smith’s late husband J. Howard Marshall. In 2008, Dannielynn was named her mother’s sole heir and Read More

Types of Problems Multiple Heirs can Cause During Probate

In 1999, Jay Pritzker, the multi-billionaire founder of the Pritzker group, passed away leaving behind large portfolio of assets. Pritzker’s legacy included a family law firm, the Hyatt Hotel chain he founded in 1957 with his brother, and multiple charities. Throughout his life, Jay Pritzker focused on the importance of family and intended for his family to operate the empire he created as a unit after he passed Read More

Three Things That can Throw a Wrench into the Probate Process

Imagine it, your loved one passes away with no will, and after 14 long months dealing with the probate process, something unexpected happens and turns your case upside down. Now what do you do? The average person would have no idea how to proceed and could expect to spend even more time trying to find the light at the end of the probate tunnel. Never forget, Los Angeles is home to one of the longest running probate Read More

Why is Probate So Bad?

Probate is a term that many are aware of but do not fully understand. The term probate refers to the process that occurs after a person passes away and his or her assets are disposed of. The reason probate is tied to estate planning is because when no planning is done, the laws of the state govern how assets are distributed. A person who is hardworking, honest, and has limited assets may make the mistake of relying Read More

Authors Affected by Probate Mistakes

In recent years, several authors have experienced commercial success that most aspiring authors can only dream of achieving. In February of 2018 the final film in the Fifty Shades trilogy based on the book series of the same name premiered, earning $322.9 million in less than a month.  The book series and its adaptions have earned author turned producer E. L. James an estimated $95 million. Much adapted author Read More

How to Avoid a Probate Debacle

Probate is an extremely public legal process that slows down the transfer of assets while leading to additional expenses for your estate. Without proper estate planning or the help of a probate attorney your estate value can be put on display, and in some cases, the amount of property or money left to your heirs is drastically reduced. The stress of probate has led to some famous meltdowns and highly publicized court Read More