Advice for Reducing Inheritance Conflicts

After working to build a legacy that you can leave to your children and grandchildren, the last thing you want is for that legacy of love to turn into a source of resentment. Unfortunately, no matter how close your heirs appear to be during your life, it is not unusual for familial bonds to weaken when money or property is involved. In August of 2016, the children of civil rights legend Martin Luther King Jr. found Read More

How to Recognize the Latest Scam Targeting Social Security Recipients

Financial fraud in the United States has grown at a rate that continues to alarm consumer protection agencies. While various scams target people from all educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, a significant number of crimes involve older citizens who are already at a greater risk of financial abuse in general. Each year new types of fraud are reported as criminals constantly create new scams to replace those that Read More

Estate Planning Tips for Unmarried Couples – Domestic Partnership

Domestic partnership and civil unions are sometimes utilized by adults who are not interested in the legal obligations and taxes associated with marriage. Though it is possible to have a domestic partnership legally recognized, there are some adults who prefer to enjoy a long-term relationship without formalizing their arrangements. Unfortunately, if one partner passes away without a will, the surviving partner could Read More

Why Would My Heir Refuse an Inheritance?

Each year the local media reports dozens of cases involving disputes between beneficiaries and estate administrators over access to a California inheritance. Based on the commonality of heirs struggling to prove that they are entitled to all or part of an estate, it is hard to imagine a situation that would involve a bequest being refused. In reality, there is a possibility that your chosen beneficiary may refuse to Read More

How Do I Choose the Right Trustee or Executor?

In July of 2017, the widow of actor Alan Thicke responded to a petition filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by the co-trustees of the Thicke estate regarding her prenuptial agreement with the late actor. The trustees, who are sons of the late actor, alleging that their father’s widow was threatening to make their family dispute public if the co-trustees failed to acknowledge her claims regarding certain community Read More

Can Creditors Take My Retirement Savings?

Having debt has become the new normal for adults in the United States. Between student loans, the fall of the housing market, and economic problems, a larger number of people find themselves dealing with debt when they retire. Aggressive creditors will use any method possible to collect an outstanding debt even going so far as to tell you outright lies in the hope of frightening you into promising to pay them with Read More

Three Things the IRS Does Not Want You to Know

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is one thing no one in the United States enjoys. Because of its constantly changing policy and a website that the IRS themselves tell consumers not to rely on, it is easy to understand why the IRS is problematic for the average person to interact with. One of the primary reasons taxpayers dislike doing business with the IRS is because the organization is notorious for Read More

Legacy and Money in Estate Planning

Within a person’s estate, money will be the most talked about even though the riches of their experience and wisdom has much more meaning that can be passed down. You can plan to have a reinforcement of family traditions that can be also built along with your assets in your estate plan. After all, what makes a family is not the way its finances are written in a document but through traditions and values. Before you Read More

What Your Special Needs Trust Attorney May Not Tell You

Parents of special needs children face unique challenges when it comes to planning for the distribution of assets after the parents have passed away. Funds are necessary to ensure the long-term care of special needs adult children once their parents are no longer able to provide for them. The creating of a special needs trust allows a parent to be sure that his or her children are taken care of without worrying about Read More

Costly Estate Tax Return Mistakes

One of the numerous tasks that must be completed after a loved one has passed away is the filing of his or her final tax return. There is a relatively brief period of time during which the tax return is supposed to be filed, and handling a decedent’s tax return is different than filing taxes for an individual, couple, or business. The assets included in the decedent's estate, their value at the time of death, and how Read More