Inheritance and Probate Scams to Watch Out for

The number of crimes related to inheritance and probate in California seems to be increasing as third parties seek to take advantage of grieving families. Understanding that the average person has little direct experience with estate distribution, criminals are finding new ways to manipulate families into paying unnecessary fees or distributing assets unnecessarily. Each time a scam is uncovered, a new one often Read More

You Said Your Children are Looney Tunes, So You Got a Revocable Living Trust?

Creating a trust is one way a parent can continue to help their children and grandchildren after passing away. However, in some circumstances, it may not be in the best interest of you or your child to leave them a lump sum of money with no restrictions. An adult incapable of managing his or her own money, or one who has a history of making poor financial decisions, may benefit from having conditions placed on trusts Read More

Consider Long-Term Care Into Your Estate Plan

When it comes to estate planning, most people focus on what is going to happen to their assets after they die. Well, there’s more to that and one significant consideration would be the need to plan for long-term care. You don’t want to be in a position when a health issue shows up later in life. The consequences are having to plan the last minute, which then forces to rush things, having limited solutions that will Read More

Things Your Lawyer Will Not Tell You

Estate planning is often one of the most important things an adult does in his or her life. The plans that you make can protect your family after you have passed away and often those plans affect your family for years following your death. Even though estate planning is important and more commonly discussed than ever, a large percentage of adults do not create wills, leaving their potential heirs to fend for Read More

Beware of These Probate Traps

Probate is the legal process that occurs after an individual has passed away. During this period of time, the person administering an estate, often called the executor, proves that the will of the deceased is valid and manages the estate’s assets. In addition to settling debts, verifying assets, and determining who the heirs to the estate are, the executor is responsible for officially notifying creditors and Read More

The Shocking Truth about Your Estate Plan

The growth and popularity of the Internet have led to multiple online resources that promise to simplify estate planning. Adults hoping to save money will use these websites, e-books, and software programs to create their own estate plan. While these plans may seem ironclad and as good as the work done by a professional attorney, the shocking truth about your estate plan is that it may fail when your family needs it Read More

Smart Ways of Working with a Law Firm

Get Insights to get Work Efficiently with Your Lawyer Hiring an attorney for Estate Planning, Probate and Elder Law for your legal matter(s), you want to maximize the best possible value and get things done as quickly as possible. Let us go over some ways to have the most useful, value-oriented and meaningful experience with a law firm. Know that there’s team involved and you will be working with them. Aside from Read More

The Great Probate Hoax

One of the most stressful events in life is the loss of someone close to you. During the process of grieving, the average person is extremely vulnerable as he or she learns to cope with being deprived of a loved one. With proper support, a person is able to navigate the stages of grief, but unfortunately, there are people who take advantage of the grieving by targeting those who have recently lost a friend or family Read More

Will Your Retirement Account be Seized by Creditors?

Dealing with debt is something that most adults are familiar with. The average person in the United States is one unexpected event away from a financial disaster, meaning that the majority of adults have dealt with creditors at one point or another. Once an adult retires, he or she expects to spend the remainder of life enjoying time with friends and family members, but it is not unusual for a retired adult to Read More

Incapacity Planning Will Need 5 Essential Legal Documents

Creating an estate plan can be more than saving money on taxes, avoiding probate and leaving a legacy after your death. This includes putting a plan in place that will manage your affairs if you become incapacitated because of not having the ability to make decisions for yourself. What happens without an incapacity plan? This process can be very stressful because your family would have to go to court and will be Read More