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What is Conservatorship?

Conservatorship is a legal procedure through which a court appoints a conservator to act on behalf of another person, known as the conservatee. Typically, conservatorships are sought for individuals who are unable to manage their own affairs due to factors such as disability, illness, or age.

General Conservatorship

A General Conservatorship is established for individuals who are physically incapable of self-care or making independent financial decisions. While often applied to elderly family members, it can also be necessary for individuals with significant physical or mental disabilities, such as those resulting from car accidents or other injuries.

Limited Conservatorship

A Limited Conservatorship is created for individuals with developmental disabilities who require assistance in caring for themselves or managing their finances. In such cases, the Court specifies when the Conservator assumes responsibility for decision-making and caregiving on behalf of the individual. This allows the Conservatee to maintain a degree of independence in decision-making and self-care to the extent possible.

Why Choose MMZ Law as Your Conservatorship Attorney?

At MMZ Law, we acknowledge the intricate legal and emotional aspects inherent in conservatorship proceedings. Our services encompass:

Assessing Suitability

We will meticulously evaluate your loved one’s circumstances to ascertain whether conservatorship represents the most suitable means of safeguarding their welfare.

Facilitating the Conservatorship Petition

If you opt for conservatorship, we will guide you through the process of preparing and submitting the requisite court documentation.

Legal Representation

Our dedicated team will provide unwavering legal representation throughout all phases of the conservatorship proceeding, ranging from the initial hearing to the ultimate court order.

Sustained Support and Counsel

Following the grant of conservatorship, we remain committed to offering ongoing support and expert guidance, ensuring effective management of the conservatorship and continued protection of your loved one’s best interests.

MMZ Law: Conservatorship Attorney in Eastvale

Even after you’re no longer able to provide care, your loved ones may still require assistance. You have the option to designate a responsible individual to assume legal responsibility for their well-being. This legal arrangement is known as Conservatorship, and it can be applicable to various family members, including adult children, aging parents, siblings, and any loved ones in need of decision-making support.

To become a Conservator or have one appointed, it’s necessary to initiate a petition in court. This petition must articulate compelling reasons why the Conservatee (your loved one) is incapable of self-care. It’s important to note that the court typically favors preserving the Conservatee’s independence, so it’s crucial to provide clear and convincing evidence for the necessity of a Conservator.

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