Elder Law

Care And Protection As You Age!

MMZ Law works with clients as they age, to protect their future, or to protect the future of a loved one who is unable to care for themself.  Let our nurturing team of legal professionals ensure you or your loved one are cared for and protected, living the best life possible.

When does Elder Law apply?

Elder law is a unique and crucial piece of the legal system that is focused solely on the needs of the elderly.  It includes such topics as retirement planning, life insurance, medical decisions, living arrangements and much more.

Elder Law can be used to prepare for the future, even if you are still young.  As you or your loved one ages, it’s imperative to act quickly in the necessary areas, as these become critical and time sensitive as the years progress.  Here are some relevant topics that MMZ Law can assist you with to protect your future:

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Medi-Cal Planning

Physical health is an important aspect of Elder Law.  Here in California, the Medi-Cal system is used to support the costs of such programs as nursing home care and long-term care.  The challenge is to first qualify for Medi-Cal.  Although usually designed for low-income individuals, our team of legal professionals can help position your assets to ensure you qualify for Medi-Cal without the loss of your estate.  Ideally, we work with you to prepare for this well in advance, but we can protect your assets or the assets of your loved one even if long-term care is an immediate necessity.

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Power of Attorney

Often when we age, it becomes more difficult to make financial or medical decisions.  Many times, there comes a point where we, or our loved one, are completely unable to make such critical decisions.  A Power of Attorney grants an individual of your choice to make these decisions on your behalf.  It is a key part of Elder Law, as it gives another individual the power to take care of you when you are unable.

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Life Insurance

Knowing what will become of your life insurance money when you pass is just as important as having life insurance itself.  Identifying beneficiaries, establishing trusts, and releasing money from your plan are all important steps that must be in place to protect your loved ones before you die.

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Wills & Trusts

Estate Planning is the foundation of your legacy.  It helps protect both your assets and your loved ones when you pass.  When done properly and designed specifically for you, your estate plan will ensure you have access to your assets while you are alive and will let your voice be heard when you are gone.  When designed with you in mind, it will ensure your legacy and your loved ones are protected.

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Prevention of Abuse

Elderly abuse is unfortunately a common problem.  As you age, you become more vulnerable to abuse, because often you are unable to defend yourself.  You and your loved ones can provide protections against abuse using tools available in Elder Law.