Leanne H.

When my mother got diagnosed with a terminal disease, my brother and I were so lost. Family and friends told us we needed to get my mother’s affairs in order, yet we did not know the process let alone the first step. That is when Marivel came in. My boyfriend had recommended me to her and I called her right away. She made it so easy for us and she came to our home to set everything up. She explained everything we needed to make sure we were all taken care of. She put our minds at ease so my brother and I can focus on the most important thing – to spend as much time we had left with our mother. Thank you, Marivel for all you did for our family. Not only were you available every time we had questions, you were so professional and willing to help. Best of all, you showed us compassion. You treated us as if we were your own family and not just a client.

Leanne H.Adjuster