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We treat every client like a member of the family and work hard to achieve their unique goals. Take a moment to read through what some of our clients have had to say after working with us. The following testimonials come directly from current and past clients!

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For many years both my husband and I discussed getting a Living Trust, but never got around to it until we really started to question what can happen to what we have worked so hard to accomplished throughout our lives. We were referred to Marivel by our legal plan and that was the best decision ever to go with her. Marivel explained everything to us, of course, we came in thinking we knew it all and realized we really needed help, by the time everything was done we were presented with our Living Trust. We were amazed by the items that were included that we didn’t even think or would have known to ask about. We were so pleased with it all and we walked out of her office with a huge weight off our shoulders and the peace of mind that everything would be ok. I carry her business cards with me and hand them out to anyone that talks about getting a will. I highly, highly recommend her to everyone.


Marivel helped us multiple times for various estate/trust planning. She was always very knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. Marivel covered every angle and laid out all of our options for us so that we could make the best decision for our family. She handled the entire process in a timely manner and her follow up was great. Once everything was completed, she still checked in with us after to see if we had additional questions. We highly recommended Marivel to others as well and they were all very happy with her services.

Barry A.Entreprenuer

My family had a situation come up to where they needed their Living Trust looked over. A so-called family member had drawn up a Trust for us. We thought everything we had was covered in these documents. Our house, money that we saved, stocks & bonds would have been left to this so-called family member. Marivel worked fast and diligently on revising our Trust. She took care of us as if we were her own family. My family loves her to death! So, for those of you who need a real professional attorney to handle your family’s estate Marivel Zialcita is that ATTORNEY!

Jessie L.Longshoreman

When my mother got diagnosed with a terminal disease, my brother and I were so lost. Family and friends told us we needed to get my mother’s affairs in order, yet we did not know the process let alone the first step. That is when Marivel came in. My boyfriend had recommended me to her and I called her right away. She made it so easy for us and she came to our home to set everything up. She explained everything we needed to make sure we were all taken care of. She put our minds at ease so my brother and I can focus on the most important thing – to spend as much time we had left with our mother. Thank you, Marivel for all you did for our family. Not only were you available every time we had questions, you were so professional and willing to help. Best of all, you showed us compassion. You treated us as if we were your own family and not just a client.

Leanne H.Adjuster

Ms. Zialcita was extremely helpful to our family, guiding us through comprehensively putting our affairs together professionally, thoughtfully, and with empathy. We’re grateful to benefit from the depth of Ms. Zialcita’s experience and quite pleased with her services. We happily refer friends/family to her when they’re in need of similar services.

Faith I.

Words cannot convey the amount of gratitude I have for Marivel and services she has provided me with regards to Estate Planning. A few years ago, my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Around the same time, my mother was suffering from some medical ailments that limited her physical capabilities. Before that, I had never really spoken with them about their retirement and/or future planning for their estate. Due to the circumstances, that conversation accelerated quickly into actions that needed to happen immediately. Marivel was the perfect person to help us to put legal documents in place, which would allow me to aid my parents in any manner necessary (Pay bills, Obtain medical records and medications, Discuss medical details with their physicians, etc.). Were it not for Marivel and her experience in the field, I would have been anxious for my parents losing much of what they had worked so hard for and there would have been nothing I could do, from a legal standpoint. Many people don’t discuss matters like this, until it’s too late. Selecting an attorney to discuss the matters can be extremely difficult and just as difficult as discussing the subject matter. How does Marivel stand out from the rest? Ask yourself this: How important is it for you to make sure that your loved ones are taken care of? Do you want an attorney that is just concerned with legalities and billing hours?…Or do you prefer having someone that can deliver you options and trust, to plan for the future? Marivel goes above and beyond what one would expect from an average, everyday attorney and what they would do for their clients. I’m an extremely busy person, especially being an only child trying to maintain my career and care for two elderly parents with medical ailments. If I did not have Marivel as an attorney, the level of stress and anxiety I’d have to deal with would be beyond imagination. Not only is she knowledgeable, the bottom line is, Marivel cares and I’m privileged to have her as my attorney.

Aldrex C.Network Television Supervisor

I am very pleased with the prompt expertise given to my Family by Marivel M. Zialcita founder of MMZ LAW. I live in Columbus Ohio and needed assistance for preparation of legal documents pertaining to affairs regarding my sick Father, who lives in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Marivel and her staff exceeded my expectations. Marivel and her staff were very accommodating to my Father and I. On very short notice she prepared and thoroughly explained all legal documents and corresponding procedures. In addition, since I live out of state, timely correspondence is a very important regarding feedback. Marivel has been prompt with answering all of my questions and great on follow ups with me. I would definitely refer MMZ Law to friends and family. Thank You for the assistance and support extended to my family and I.

David S.

Marivel and her team are who you want working for you when the times get tough. She is very knowledgeable and truly cares about helping her clients understand the whole process. Estate planning can become a headache for a family, but she streams line the process and helped us understand the steps needed to take. She is very knowledgeable in Elder Law and I highly recommend her to everyone.

Marianne C.

My husband and I are so fortunate to have found Marivel. After having our second child, we felt it was important to have a living will and trust. Being new at this, we needed someone who would patiently guide us. Marivel guided us, explaining the process well and answering all of our questions. She made us feel comfortable throughout the entire time.

Olivia Y.Nurse