Video FAQs

Through our Video FAQs, MMZ Law guides you through the legal process by answering common legal questions.  We provide you with the information you need to make the decisions that are appropriate for your situation.

I was named an executor of a Will. What are my responsibilities?

What should I look for in a Guardian for my kids?

What happens if someone passes away without a Will?

My child has a disability How can I make sure he is taken care of after I’m gone?

My mother can’t afford a nursing home, but also doesn’t qualify for Medi-Cal. What can we do?

My father can no longer care for himself What can I do?

My mother’s trust isn’t being executed correctly. What can I do?

I’m concerned someone will try to manipulate my other family members after I pass away.

How does owning a business affect my estate plan?

What kinds of things will Medi-Cal pay for, and how can I get help paying for them?

How can I make sure my children are protected if anything should happen to me or my spouse?

What is a health care directive?

Why do I need an attorney to help me create a Will?

I don t have many assets Why do I need an estate plan?

How can I prevent my parents from being financially taken advantage of?

I have a very old estate plan Can I modify it or do I need to start over?

What is a Durable Power of Attorney?

I’m concerned my children will waste their inheritance Can I do anything to protect them?

I already have a trust Can I add new children and grandchildren as beneficiaries?

What is probate?

I already have a Will Is that enough, or do I need more?

I already have a trust Can I add new children and grandchildren as beneficiaries?

What happens to my debts after I pass away?

I need to remove beneficiaries from my trust Is that possible?


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